Business Sector

Sales and services, retail, automotive, small scale companies

NGOs and Public Sector

Civic organisations, local authorities, governments

Coaching Topic Examples

  • Coping with managerial decisions and changes in the company
  • Dealing with achieving (quarterly, annual) targets given by the top management
  • Management of KPI’s
  • Leading team meetings efficiently
  • Management of teams – recruitment, on board, development, leading, appraisals, coaching, turnover, intercultural communication in divers’ teams
  • Project management – setting and tracking targets, KPI’s, management cycles
  • Facing burn out syndrome / prevention of burn out syndrome, stress, tension and work exhaustion 
  • Setting up priorities, organising work, managing workloads and keeping up the project plan
  • Finding personal motivation and drive
  • Dealing with the crisis management
  • Setting up trainings for the employees based on their needs
  • Helping to improve particular skills (e.g. presentation of a project idea, reporting, preparation for board meetings, public speaking)
  • Overcoming time pressure and related stress
  • Balancing work and private life
  • Starting new projects, building teams
  • Setting up HR processes within a company
  • Developing an action plan after SWOT analyses of the company or a project
  • Preparing for an international business trip / mission – cross cultural context
  • Adaptation in a company of an expat
  • Dealing with intercultural communication in teams or company and cultural barriers
  • Communication between company departments