as a coach, consultant and trainer



  • I will always behave in compliance with my profession and I will strictly avoid anything which might in any way damage the image of coaching, training and professional consultation.
  • I will work systematically on my own competencies and will try honestly to utilize my whole potential. I will not give misleading information about my qualification, experience or achievements in coaching, training and consultation. 
  • When establishing cooperation with a client, I will carefully verify my client´s exact understanding of what coaching means and which benefits she/he is to gain. I will do my best for my client not to give her/him wrong expectations of our potential cooperation. 
  • I will never promise any achievements to my client which I cannot fulfil and guarantee. 
  • Under all circumstances I will respect the confidentiality of information which I receive from my clients. The only exception represents a situation when a client gives her/his explicit (written) consent to disclose the confidential information or when the information is required to report by law.
  • Whenever I use the names of my clients for purpose of reference, I will require their consent in writing. 
  • After finding out that my client has no profit from our cooperation any more (coaching or consultation) and that I am unable to change this situation, I will recommend her/him to bring our cooperation to an end.  
  • I will avoid conflict of interests between me and my client.
  • In case a conflict of interest occurs during the cooperation with my client, I will warn her/him of this possibility and we will try to find common solutions together. I will always respect my client´s interests. 
  • If it is necessary to involve third parties in the coaching and consultations, I will first discuss it with my client and ask her/him for consent. I will give exact information about demands of third parties to my client in time.  
  • I will fully respect all agreements we agreed with my client on within coaching.  
  • I will never give my client any confidential information concerning third parties along with distorted, false or unverified information which might make my clients confused. 
  • I will work with respect to my professional colleagues. I will observe and respect all legal arrangements and I will fully comply with them.