"Jana is a frank, communicative, smooth and flexible person. She is able to adjust the subject of a lesson according to the structure of trainees. Her presentations and communication with people she works with are very pleasant. She is exact and precise in setting the right ratio between theory and practice which helps not to overload listeners with theoretical information. I appreciate her training in English without any problem and I like the structure of her courses. It is because of her practical exercises and mutual evaluation of almost real situations when I realized the weak and strong points of my own presentation". 

Tomáš Kurdziel / Turf District Manager Rain Bird (from the course Presentation Skills in English)
"We were working with Jana together for two years. I was satisfied with her clear and understandable communication and friendly approach to designing and realization of our courses. As an educational coordinator of Neziskovky.cz I especially appreciated her conceptual creativity. Jana´s advantage is that she is flexible in reaction to the order of new tasks resulting from trainees´ demands. I personally took part in Jana´s course "My competencies in the process of professional and personal development” which was an immense contribution to me. I examined my abilities, skills and approach to work and personal life and I named areas for myself in which I want to improve. Together with the course participants I appreciated Jana´s sensitive approach. Each trainee had an opportunity of intensifying his self-knowledge. The course was an inspiration for my further professional and personal career".

Edita Kleckerová / Former Education Coordinator for Neziskovky.cz


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