About me
When I was 16 years old I decided to improve my English and get some experience abroad. I left my small hometown in the South Bohemia to a big multicultural London to work as an Au-pair. Within two months I faced number of uncomfortable prejudices and pathetic stereotypes being an Au-pair from (as I always heard) 'Eastern Europe'. However, I, myself, experienced my own biases against multicultural life in the West, which I was fascinated by.

Once back in the Czech Republic I realised the importance to speak up about embracing diversity around us which is needed and not to let diversity be considered as a problem in a society.

During my university studies I was volunteering for number of NGOs and when I was 19 years old I have founded non profit organisation OPIM. I graduated from a Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Durham in the UK. I took a course on psychology and a certified coaching course at the Masaryk Institute CVUT in Prague. Three years later I became a member of the Council of Europe international group of advisors and trainers on human rights education and diversity. From that time on I've been fully involved in training and consulting in this field as my profession.

Over the last 20 years I have been devoted to diversity and inclusion as a consultant and trainer. I write to public media and HR business publications on diversity. I like to share my passion for diversity and experience in conferences, panel discussions, public or company events in the Czech Republic and abroad. See media.

Everyone has a value. Everybody should get equal opportunities. We all need diversity.
I help people and organisations to discover the power of diversity and why diversity is needed for us - humans and also for a business.
I develop diversity and inclusion road maps as part of a business strategy in the organisation.

I offer consulting and training to help the managers, leaders and hiring managers transforming their mind set and mitigating biases. They acquire understanding of diversity as an advantage and enrichment for themselves and the organisation. They look into what diversity can bring but also the dark sites of diversity in non-inclusive environments. They get an insight into an inclusive company culture which fully and utterly use people's talents and potentials because they feel welcomed, respected and they belong. My clients will understand the positive impact of such D&I initiatives on overall employee retention, financial revenue and employer brand.

Corporate experience
LaGardere Aelia Duty Free
Senior HR & Trainer Manager after acquisition with Czech airlines. Competences from personal audits, recruitment, training strategy, HR processes, localisation of global goals in HR and ISO 9001 certification.
International Master Trainer for SDS (Skoda Distribution Strategy) project. Competences to design and implement international trainings for key account and sales managers at SKODA Auto importer in key markets e.g. India, Baltic countries, Spain, Scandinavian countries.
Training | Consulting | Mentoring
I closely cooperate as a trainer and consultant for international organisations focusing on diversity and inclusion such as Living Institute Denmark, the European Commission and the Council of Europe.
I mentor and coach people from private firms, NGOs or startup sector, and women in leadership or managerial positions via mentoring platforms e.g. British Chamber of Commerce, Femme Palette or My Odyssey. Above my in-house company clients I also cooperate as a trainer and consultant with ELAI – European Leadership Academic Institute in the Czech Republic.

I will help your organisation to work with diversity