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For any kind of business, industry or work environment I will help your organisation
to actively work with diversity as a driver for innovation and inclusion as a tool
to increase engagement, retention and employer brand.
At my training and workshops I facilitate a process of learning and shift of mind sets. In a safe place I help to get out of people's comfort zones as this is the best learning journey about ourselves and the others.
I advice and consult organisation's strategic diversity road-map to actively work with diversity where inclusion is a top business priority.
I mentor and coach leaders, diversity ambassadors, HR specialists and managers and all those who wish to move professionally and personally forward.
I like to share my expertise and know-how in diversity, retention, employee motivation and engagement at the public and private events.
Trainings | Workshops
■ Diversity & Inclusion
■ Inclusive Leadership
■ Unconscious Bias
■ Inclusive Hiring
■ Women and Leadership
■ Cross Cultural Cooperation
■ Personal Values & Work Life Balance

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Consulting | Mentoring
■ Diversity KPIs | strategy
■ HR cycle | Personal marketing to attract diverse talents
■ Diversity & Inclusion Road-map
■ Attract more women in managerial positions, young graduates & talents
■ Programs and supportive measures for employee retention and engagement
■ D&I diagnostics, Engagement and Inclusion Surveys
■ Individual mentoring & coaching
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Public speaking | Events
■ Contributions at conferences, events
■ Key note speaker
■ Panel discussions
■ Forums, debates
■ Presentations for organisations, corporations and academic sector

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Most popular programs
Inclusive Leadership
Inclusive leadership can be combined with different leadership styles which you know (and probably) use. It is a form of leadership used in diverse team and company culture which embraces and actively work with diversity as part of a business.

■ How inclusive leadership of diverse people can boost team's innovation?
■ Mitigating biases and stereotypes.
■ How to deal with diversity based conflicts and discrimination?
■ Key roles of an inclusive leader. How to increase employee' engagement and retention?
■ What does equitable measures mean in practice?
■ What is agility for in inclusive leadership?

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Diversity and unconscious bias
How diverse diversity is? What is the correlation between diversity and biases? Our behaviour is influenced by prejudices and biases we are not even aware of having them. Unconscious bias usually have negative impact on hiring, mentoring, leadership, talent development, communication, building relations with partner, clients etc.

■ What is diversity, inclusion and difference between equality and equity?
■ Biases and human brain. What is the correlation?
■ How biases influence our behaviour and thinking?
■ Stereotypes and out of the box thinking.
■ How to mitigate biases in certain work situation?

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Inclusive Hiring
In recruitment we are influenced by negative and positive factors. Unconscious bias play significant role in the recruitment journey and our decisions about a candidate. Although we are pro-diverse teams we have are often automatically unconsciously biased.

■ What is inclusive hiring?
■ Unconscious bias during the recruitment, selection of candidates and interviews?
■ Understanding of biases withing HR cycle, focusing on recruitment and pre/on boarding.
■ What types of biases are there and how to recognise them during hiring & interview?
■ Examples and practical tips of conscious work with our unconscious biases.

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Cross cultural collaboration
Interactive workshop with a role play designed for leaders and their teams to understand their cultural and inter-sectional blind spots that may lead to exclusion, harassment or discrimination when it comes to cross cultural collaboration.

In a safe place we will look into:
■ How do we work with diverse groups?
■ What is it to be in other shoes? How do we react and behave when having limited resources and being in uneasy situations?
■ How do we solve problems when under stress and time pressure?
■ How do we face conflicts and misunderstanding in diverse environments?

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Women and Leadership
Women and leadership is a topic we disclose from two perspectives. As an employer who aspires to have more women in the leadership positions. And as talented and competent women lacking the ambitions and/or confidence for such positions.

Workshops are designed according to various positions in the company:
women in leadership positions; women successors; current and future line managers of women in management and company management.

■ Women's talent, potential and competences visible in male dominant teams.
■ How to mitigate own biases and concerns relating to high positions and responsibilities?
■ How to awaken own ambitions?
■ Competences and requirements for a leadership position. How to manage and balance work
and family?
■ What can management / superior do to increase women's interest in managerial
leadership positions?
■ Stepping out of comfort zone, dealing with gender and a woman' leader based biases.

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