Jana Tikalová
Potřebujete v oblasti diverzita a inkluze poradit, pomoci nebo se jen inspirovat?
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Michael Fehn, Former CEO of EON Czech Holding
Jana is an inspirational trainer and consultant with solid expertise in the topic of diversity and inclusion. I appreciated her ability to show data, business cases to support why and how companies should be more diverse and inclusive.

I took part in a very practical training on diversity and unconscious bias. Jana has
a talent making a session interactive with interesting tools and exercises. She has a real passion for diversity. She made me think about biases and she gave us concrete tips what and how to bring it further to our professional and personal life.
Kateřina Gábová, Former Chief HR Officer at Kiwi.com, Top Management Member
More than 2 years ago I asked Jana to help me to shape a program for parents on maternity and parental leave in Kiwi.com. At that time, I had no idea how it could look like, I only knew that with 50% of women and the average age of 27 years, we need to be prepared and have some program in place to make sure Kiwis stay Kiwis during parental leave. Being great professional, patient listener and good human, Jana never forced any solution on us, never had 'this is what you have to do' approach. Jana provided us with the options, shared her honest feedback and views.

Together, we prepared flexible grow.kiwi.com program for parents and managers which can grow with changing preferences and conditions within the company.
I'm proud to see parents attending the workshops and development opportunities we provide, see them curious about happenings in the company, see managers getting insights about diversity topic. This wouldn't be possible without Jana's involvement, her openness, honesty, continuous feedback she asks for and improvements she implements right away. I highly recommend Jana's services in diversity & inclusion area to anyone who doesn't want to stay on the surface and wants to ensure meaningful impact in the area.
Drahomíra Mandíková, Regional Corporate Affairs Director, Asahi Breweries Europe Group
Jana is a passionate professional with clear purpose to build better diversity and inclusion in Czech society and business. I joined training she delivered
to Prazdroj´s leadership team and appreciated her approach where she not only proved her knowledge of the topic and very good facilitation skills but also prepared special training reflecting team and company specifics.
Anna Korienieva, Secretary General, Model United Nations Prague
Jana's presentation in our Model United Nations conference with topic of diversity was beyond expectations. Many participants of the conference have approached me and shared their excitement about Jana's performance. Her presentation style was very interactive, which was one of the key reasons why everyone liked it.

Worth mentioning is also Jana's preparation and customization of the presentation to the audience as well as the conference's main topic. One could tell that she knew who she is presenting to and why they are sitting there. Jana showed great professionalism to me, as well as responsibility and genuine interest. The approach to the topic was very engaging. It was a great combination of practical information, interesting metaphors and a bit of science, which combined did not overload the audience.
Sandra Lacinová, Kvestor ŠKODA AUTO Vysoká škola
Jana helped us to launch diversity and inclusion topic in our SKODA Academy, developed and executed set of modular workshops within our Diversity programs for students and teachers. I was absolutely pleased with her interactive approach, engaging activities, deep knowledge and her overall style of delivery. It is not an easy topic to open, especially for teachers, but she has managed perfectly to adapt to our groups and making diversity a topic that concerns everybody. Jana has agile approach coming with interesting innovative methods and bringing in interesting people. Thanks to her we experienced an amazing tool Living Library with her NGO OPIM perfectly fitting into our concept.
Klára Gajová, Co-Founder at Femme Palette
Jana joined our Femme Palette panel talk on Diversity & Inclusion in January and her contribution was outstanding! The audience enjoyed the fact Jana was sharing real-life experience with inclusive company cultures and stayed long after the panel to patiently answer all the questions the attendees had. Jana is a true expert on the diversity topic and her enthusiasm and smile is contagious.
Petra Kubinová, Learning & Development Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Prague
I met Jana during the mentoring program Equilibrium by the British Chamber of Commerce. Jana is very professional in her work, she also appealed to me with very human and kind approach. She always makes her best to boost my ability to find the best possible solution. Her coaching style helped me to develop my mental processes in many ways. Jana is a very positive, empathetic and inspiring woman who cares about her client getting the best possible results. I always felt absolutely relaxed, safe and encouraged to do the best for myself. I feel privileged to be her mentee.
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