Why Diversity & Inclusion

Giving opportunity to people with diverse backgrounds is not only
the right thing to do but it is also a competitive business advantage.
Diverse teams bring creativity, innovations, increase productivity, financial
revenue and they open doors to many different possibilities, prospects and clients.
Diverse teams bring
International studies show that in a long-term diversity has a significant positive impact for an organisation.
The key is to have an inclusive company culture where people bring their whole selves and don't have to hide their identities. Up to 67 % of candidates prefer an organisation which is not homogeneous.
Glasdoor | McKinsey | BCG | Cloverpop
decisions made faster
45 %
better financial revenue
35 %
higher team performance
87 %
better business decisions
Diverse teams are more competitive than homogeneous. Prosperous business data generated by diverse workforce are important but much more vital is the real interest and true believe that all people can bring value, they can contribute and therefore should have equal opportunities.
Programs on diversity contribute to the accomplishment of the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
which are actively supported by number of companies in the Czech Republic.
There are number of possibilities, programs and supportive measures to be inclusive and open to diversity